Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Little Helper

Well, this picture was supposed to be the last picture on this entry, because it really doesn't have anything to with the title of this post! So far, Noah isn't much of a helper! :) But, I feel like I show a lot of Drew, and don't want anyone to miss seeing Noah's little face. This was today at lunch. We made Granny's recipe of Peas and Macaroni and Noah devoured two bowls of it. So I guess I can label that as a hit! Drew picked out everything but the peas, and Noah dumped his bowl over and went straight for the peas. What a pair!

As mentioned in an earlier post, I am in the process of Spring Cleaning. Today I tackled Drew's closet. He pulled out this cowboy hat and tie and insisted on wearing them. Then he insisted that I take his picture with *his* dog...Rudy. What a ham! And we are lucky that Rudy is such a good sport!

We are trying to get our yard in shape this Spring, so Michael asked if I could pick up sticks in the yard today so that he can mow soon. Drew and I did just that during Noah's morning nap. Drew loved getting them an putting them in the pile. So now I have two big piles of sticks that I need to haul to the burn pile. Fun stuff!

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The Jacksons said...

So cute! Any hints for my 18 month old sweetie who isn't eating??