Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring Cleaning!

I finally started my Spring Cleaning this week! I am currently working on the basement...mainly the laundry/storage room. We have so much stuff that we just don't need. I'm trying to downsize and reduce clutter. I went through all of my old stuff from when I was a, that was a fun trip down memory lane! Lots of letters and cards and pictures! It was fun. Next I need to get Michael to do the same with his old stuff. I have quite the collection of "stuff" to donate to the youth group garage sale now! There is still so much more to do...and Noah did not take a long enough nap for me this afternoon! Poor boy!


Andy said...

Hey Mandy!

I like this blog business....I have always heard of it, but never knew what one was. Good luck with the spring cleaning. Mom and Dad would have had us selling stuff door to door in a wagon!! I will check this often to see how evrything is going. Nice pics of the boys!

Rygal said...

Keep it up, Mandy! It's amazing how freeing it is to have the house de-cluttered!

I'm excited that you have a blog now!

michelle said...

it makes me want to do the same - I do need things for the big garage sale! I am slowly starting my blog too thanks for the idea