Monday, April 9, 2007


I'm welcoming you to my blog and welcoming me to the wonderful world of blogging!!! I hope to use this blog to keep in better touch with friends and family from all over! I have lots of friends who blog, and it is so fun to be a part of their daily lives through their blog! I hope I can figure it all out!


Shelly said...

WooHoo! Looks good! Now I am even more tempted to set one up too! Seems like fun!

Lynnell said...

Wow Mandy!! I am impressed. I can barely turn the computer on much less get a blog going. What a great idea! Matt and I will be checking the site frequently. And who knows....Maybe we'll move to the 21st century one day and get one going. Also just wanted to say the family pictures are BEAUTIFUL....give my nephews a hug and a squeeze for us!

Divina said...

Great pictures! Aweful Cute Boys!! Good Luck on your training. I wish I could run!
Love ya Much