Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Smith's in Shanghai

Our friends, Michael and Jessica Smith, along with their sons, Gabe and Maddox, left for Shanghai, China yesterday. They are going to be there for a year for Michael's work. What an exciting opportunity for them, but sad for us! Drew, Tyler (far right), and Gabe (left of Drew) are like a young version of the Three Musketeers. They are so fun together! Between the three couples, we have 5 crazy boys...so you can imagine what it is like to all be together! We have a blast! I know Drew will really miss Gabe and Maddox. But, they will be back in a year! If you are interested in keeping up with their journey, you can follow their blog. Just click on *Jessica* in my list of Friends that Blog.

It is so hard to make kids *pose* for pictures....they just don't cooperate! Here is a shot I tried to get of the three boys at the airport while we sadly waited for the Smith's. Noah didn't look to pleased to being squeezed by Drew!

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Allison Davis said...

Aww...i didn't know they were moving! yeah, you'll miss them!