Thursday, June 14, 2007


Michael has been working his tail off on our yard. His schedule is super busy, so any down time he is out there. Bless his heart! We have the bulk of the work we just need to plant stuff! I'm really embarrassed to show you the before pictures....they house was so ugly from the outside! Absolutely NO curb appeal!!!! Also, the before pics were taken way back in March.

And here are the after pictures...excuse Drew, he had to be in every picture!

And here is Drew...he had to pose on the rock for me! What a cutie!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Uncle Daniel and Grandpa

Daniel flew in to visit Bruce over Memorial Day Weekend, and Michael took the train to go visit as well. They had an eventful weekend of lots of golf! They drove to our house that Sat. night to visit with us for a day. It was so fun and Drew and Noah absolutely adored their uncle Daniel! It was pretty cute!

Enjoying the afternoon...

Drew and Noah both love to play outside. Here are a few pictures of them "going to work" as Drew would say! What a creative imagination that boy has!

Happy 1st Birthday, Noah!

We had a little party for Noah's first birthday! He had a ton of fun playing with his friends and eating cake. Once again, my camera was not on the correct setting, so I did not really get any good pictures. I'm so bummed!
Noah devoured his cupcake, then we weaseled another cupcake out of Shawn. It was pretty cute! He is our little eater, that's for sure!

Noah's First Haircut!

Noah had his first haircut back in May, a few days before his first birthday. I didn't get very good pictures, I think the setting on my camera was not right! But he did great, and it is amazing to me how a haircut could change his appearance so much! He is really starting to look like a little boy instead of a baby. What a precious gift!