Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Uncle Andy

Here are some pictures from our weekend with Andy....
Drew is in love, that is for sure!

This is Andy's best attempt at making a silly face with Drew... And their serious faces....much better!
Drew had a blast with Andy on the swingset. It was pretty cute...how do you like Drew's new look?
This is one of the birthday presents that Andy brought for Drew. It's a leaf blower with goggles. Drew's new favorite toy, for sure! He also got a baseball bat and ball.
And here we are at the Detroit Tiger's game. It was a beautiful day and we had a really good time. Drew was very well behaved and pretty much just sat and watched the game. He really liked the $4 lemonade.
In case you're wondering where Noah is in all of this....he's around...just busy as usual and too busy to get a cute picture of him! He's a hoot...always on the run. He didn't go to the game with us, though. He would have been too bored and antsy!


Andrew said...

Pretty soon Drew will be picking weeds and cleaning up pears! I had a blast this weekend and it was soooo good to see you guys. I think we will be at Drew's party on the 15th in DeSoto. Tell him to bring the leaf blower to help Dad out in the yard!

The Jacksons said...

So glad to see some new pics! I know what you mean about keeping the blog updated--we've been quite busy too! BUT--that's now excuse--keep it up. I love seeing the boys growing up!