Friday, January 4, 2008

Baby Isaac

Isaac is such a blessing to our family already! He is adorable and precious and we are so thankful that the Lord chose us to be his parents! He is nursing well and sleeping great...maybe a little too great!

Drew and Noah have been up here twice to visit their new little brother. Drew seems to understand what is going on, but Noah isn't too concerned with Isaac yet. He just wants to play with the bed, blood pressure machine, boppy, etc... The first time Drew came to meet his brother, he walked in and said, "Where's my little brother Isaac?" and just looked around the room until he spotted him. Then he immediately said that he wanted to hold him.

So here is a picture of Drew first holding Isaac....
And this was yesterday...again, he immediately asked to hold his little brother...doesn't he look so proud???
This is just a sweet picture of the little guy...
Here are the three of face is still a little swollen, but that's to be expected!
And this is just crazy...last night our friends were here and DJ was holding Isaac and he was just so relaxed and laying on her shoulder, and all of a sudden he lifts his head straight up and starts looking around the room. He did this all on his own! It was so crazy!
We are doing really well. We will be going home tomorrow morning to start a whole new adventure as a family of five!


Anonymous said...

Drew is a good big brother. Emmy needs to read the story book about being a big brother and maybe Noah will catch on. He'ss probably figure things out once you get home. Great pictures. And usually when they are born that big, they come out almost walking! Love, Mom

The Jacksons said...

Yipppeee for even more pictures! Y'all look great! Thanks for sharing--what a little blessing! Love, lindley

The Smith Family said...

Ok, He is SOOO CUTE!!! Thanks for all the great pitures. Sounds like Drew is going to be a big helper. Cody is the same way. Sometimes he wants to help too much though. :)

Tana said...

Congrats, Mandy and Michael. He looks so precious. You look awesome and I can't believe you have blogged so much so soon. Each C-section gets easier, or at least they were for me. I hope that you have a quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the Fernihoughs! We are excited for you and look forward to meeting Isaac in person. What GREAT pics of him and Drew!!! See you soon, neighbors!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on the birth of your third beautiful baby. You have really been blessed. I hope all is well.