Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jaundice Update and Infection for Me!

We got back the results from Isaac's bili blood draw from yesterday morning. His levels stayed at 11.6, so he is officially off the bili-blanket! The company who rented it to us is coming to pick it up! Yippee!

Now for me....my incision is infected. Starting over the weekend, I had excruciating pain on the right side of my incision. I could tell that it was infected just by touching it. It is so tender and painful, but luckily my pain meds from the surgery knock it out pretty good! Too bad I only have three Vicodin left! But, I'm on a pretty strong antibiotic, and I can tell that I am feeling better already!


The Jacksons said...

Hey--I am sorry for your infection and for the troubles with jaundice, but I am so glad they are treating you and that little Isaac is doing much better. We will be praying for you. Remember when you are worn out---God is rest for the weary!! Love you, lin

A.B. Davis said...

Aww, no more glo-worm! hope you're feeling better. :)