Friday, January 11, 2008


Isaac went back to the Dr. today and she ordered another bilirubin test for our sweet boy. His numbers have been gradually increasing. It has been hard for me to tell if he is getting more yellow or not because I am with him everyday, and I naturally have olive-toned skin, and he might just be taking after me. But his legs looked awfully yellow to me and jaundice starts in the face and moves down. On Tue. when we took him in, it was about to his belly button. Anyway, Michael took him to get the blood test...(Sidebar: I love my husband...he is such a good father and so involved in all aspects of their life...I am blessed) and we just got the results. The Dr. decided to go ahead and do the photo-therapy with the light blanket. We have to keep in on him as much as possible until we get the results from his blood draw that will happen on Sunday morning.

I don't know why, but this is really affecting me emotionally. I'm blaming it on the post-pregnancy hormones. Hopefully the light blanket will do its trick and he'll be fine super soon and my hormones will settle down. I'll try to post a picture of him so everyone can see his orange glow!

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Rygal said...

Oh, Mandy! We had the same problem with Marlaina. I remember being a wreck during all of those blood draws and doctor visits! I'll be praying for you.