Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weight Issues...

For Isaac, not me!!! :) Isaac did not gain back his birth weight within the first two weeks. This is the first time ever that I do not have an instant chunk for a baby. I'm having to feed him more often to hopefully get more food into him. He has kind of slowed down my milk production because he hasn't demanded much food thus far. So I'm hoping that by feeding him more often my milk supply will come back up. I have to go back to the lactation consultant on Tuesday for another weight check. Pray that what we are doing is working and that he has gained. They just said that he is such a laid back, easy baby that he doesn't feel the need to eat much. I'm glad he is laid back and "easy" but this is stressing me out!!!!

Now for my weight gain....don't ask! Just kidding! I'm actually almost in my normal clothes again. I think if I didn't have this infection in my incision, I could actually squeeze into normal pants! :) I'm hoping to be completely normal by my brother's wedding! That's my goal!

Aren't you proud...I'm still posting without any pictures! I'm trying not to let that stop me! But I will try to get some new pictures up soon!


Tana said...

Praying for weight gain. That is awesome your weight has just fallen off!! I'm so glad your keeping up on your blog. I love reading it and check it often.

The Smith Family said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all of this. It is such a stressful time. We will be praying for everything!! Just a quick note to see if this makes you feel any better. I've been up with Caden every 2 hours at night for some reason for the past week or so and I'm exhausted :(