Friday, February 29, 2008


Michael and I have been blessed in so many ways by the people that surround us....

  • One of our youth gave us a gift card to Outback (my favorite!) and free babysitting for Valentine's Day....we enjoyed that gracious gift tonight! Blessing!
  • A man in our church plows are driveway after each heavy snowfall, which has been a ton this winter...what a blessing!
  • We have a friend who cuts Michael's, Drew's, and Noah's hair, and waxes my, she picks up our hair products for us! Super blessing!
  • Our family went to Middle School winter retreat last weekend and a group of 8th grade girls surrounded my boys and took them off my hands for an hour! Nice!
  • A family from church stopped by yesterday to drop off two packages of!
  • I feel like I just started cooking again after all the meals people brought us after Isaac's birth!
These are seriously just a few of the ways we have been blessed by people in the last few months. I love being part of a church body that is so loving and wanting to bless others. I know that we aren't the only recipients of such blessings. I hope to show my boys the importance of giving and helping and blessing others...

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