Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I've been tagged...So apparently I have to tell 10 random things about me! This should be interesting!!!

1. I teach online for Sylvan Learning Centers about 8 hours a week. I've been doing this a little each week (not including summers) since Drew was about 4 months old. I really enjoy it!

2. We are going to Phoenix in May to visit Michael's brother and his wife and our niece and nephew. I'm super's been too long since we've had our families together. Oh, and just so happens that Michael's mom will be there the same time!

3. My brother is getting married in April...and I'm a bridesmaid. I just got the dress yesterday, and it didn't fit. Sadness! Luckily, David's Bridal was awesome and I exchanged it for the right size and it will be here in plenty of time.

4. We are having a major garage sale in April or May. I'm going room by room and collecting items for it. I did the kitchen cabinets have never been so clean and organized! :)

5. I haven't had my haircut since June. Isn't that awful! It needs one BAD! I have a call into a lady to cut it for me! We've been playing phone tag for a week now!

6. I actually got some good sleep last night...Isaac gave me an 8 hour stretch. I'm hoping it keeps up, but we'll see!

7. I really like to clean....strange, huh? Nothing makes me feel more productive than getting a lot of housework done in a day!

8. I love being the mom of 3 boys...they are great! They make me laugh (and want to cry) several times a day! I like being the matriarch of the family! :) (Thanks for the corrections, Mom!)

9. I have started running again. Not much, but a little. Starting on Friday, my goal is to run 14 miles a week...we'll see what happens!!!

10. I love Jesus. I think I fall more and more in love with Him and His word everyday. I love that He loves me and blesses me in incredible ways. I love that He is the center of my marriage. I love that He has my best interest at heart.... I just love HIM!

Now it's my turn to tag someone....I'm going to tag Allison, Jenni, and Sara.


The Jacksons said...

Yea! I'm so glad you did this. Enjoyed your comments!

Anonymous said...

You are the matriarch of the family. Michael is the patriarch. I'm sure it was just a slip of the finger on the keyboard. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Please put Isaac's name on the intro to your blog.

The Smith Family said...

Hey it's

A.B. Davis said...

okay, i'll get to it soon! :) that's alot...10!