Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Serving Jesus!

This week is Spring Break for our school districts. The youth group is doing service projects around Kalamazoo. Yesterday the group served at the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission. I had to take Noah to the doctor (double ear infection...poor guy!), so Michael took Drew with him. Noah, Isaac and I met up with them after the appointment. Anyway, when I got there, I was greeted with a bubbly Drew wearing a hairnet and a white apron. The first thing he said to me was, "Are you going to serve with me?" He was so excited to be there and to be helping others. He and Michael handed out food to the people who came to the mission for dinner. Drew gave the people granola bars. When we left, he told me that he really had fun giving food to people who didn't have food. And this morning, the first thing he asked me is who we are going to serve today. What an amazing heart he has....

Three of my boys...serving together as a family! Noah didn't do much, but he sure did look cute!
Aren't the adorable?!
And this is Drew is the line, ready for round three of serving granola bars!


Anonymous said...

Makes me want to cry! Great blogs. Great pictures! Great hearts! Love, MOM

Jessica Smith said...

Silly Chinese gov't finally decided to unblock blogger. So now I can finally publish a comment. But, what to say? How about..

We miss you! I cannot believe how big the boys are getting!! We miss you!!!

We will be back in MI around the beginning of May. You better make some time for us!

Zondervan Life said...

Hey Michael and Mandy!! Thanks soooooo much for having us over, we had a great time!! Each time we are there I leave with a new memory!! (this one would have to be noah tackling Ava!!)

God bless,

Jon and Kendra