Friday, May 30, 2008

Katie Fernihough

Michael's sister, Katie, was killed in a car accident early Wednesday morning. She died of severe head trauma. Our hearts are breaking... We leave today for Wisconsin. This is the hardest blog to write, so please forgive my lack of words....

Here is a picture of Katie, Michael, and her twin sister, Kelsey...
Katie and Kelsey
Katherine R. Fernihough
This is an old school picture of Katie....isn't it cute?!
This is Katie at summer camp one year...she and Kelsey came with Michael and me.
Here is a picture of Kelsey and Katie from the first time I met them. Katie had green hair and reminded me of one of those pencils that had a troll doll on top and you rolled it between your hands and the troll's hair went everywhere...can you picture it?!
Here is a picture of Katie and me at the top of Pike's Peak in Colorado...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Your Comments...

I've noticed that the comments are slowing down. :( I love to hear from those who read my blog, so take a minute and leave us a comment! :)

Awww...sweet brothers!

Noah has to do breathing treatments twice a day. At first he really put up a good fight, but he has really mellowed down and it made it an easier task! Today he even let Drew help him!

Darth Noah

Isaac the Flirt

Isaac is a little flirt....our friends were over with their 8 week old daughter, Madison, and Isaac just cooed at her all night long...and even liked holding her hand!

Noah's Second Birthday!

Noah celebrated his 2nd birthday on Friday. His actual birthday was Sunday, May 18th, but we had such a crazy weekend! We celebrated by going to Jungle Joe's which is a huge bounce house in the area. Then we ate lunch at Red Robin so that Noah could have unlimited french fries...his favorite! Then that night we had cake and ice cream and opened presents! It was a super fun day and Noah seemed to really love it!!!
Here is the cake that Michael decorated for Noah...didn't he do a great job!?!?
Some pictures from the bounce house...both boys were so brave and worked so hard to do everything! I was so proud!!!!
Mommy making silly faces with her boys at lunch! Fun times!
The birthday boy... Playing with his new toys!

Preschool Happenings....

Yesterday was Drew's last day of preschool for this year! They had a fun time playing together at the park.

Here is a class picture...

And here is Drew with his friend Reid. Drew is really going to miss seeing Reid during the week. Reid's family goes to our church, so they'll still get to see each other on Sunday morning! Hopefully we'll get together with him some for play dates, too! Who is that cute boy on the slide?!
Noah had fun playing with the bubbles that Mrs. Meyering (teacher) gave Drew...
A few weeks back the class took a field trip to a local farm. It was so much fun. They got to see horses, sheep, chickens and lots of other animals, too!

Here is a picture of Drew giving me a flower....a.k.a a weed! It's the thought that counts, right?!?!
Drew insisted that Noah come, too. I had a friend lined up to watch him and everything, but Drew really wanted him to come. Which I'm glad...he had a blast, too!

Here is Drew with his best gal pal...Maddie!

Drew will go to the same preschool next year for the four year old class. I can't wait! :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Three Sons

Can they be any cuter?!?!?!

Trip Down Memory Lane

Here are a few of the pictures that my brother used for the slideshow at his wedding. I thought they were pretty cute! Sorry that some are so small, they were scanned and I don't know how to post them properly!