Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Tip

I feel like through the years people have shared ideas/suggestions to make my life easier. I know I'm not terribly old or "seasoned," but as a mother of three young boys, I'm all for anything that makes my life easier. So I thought I would start sharing some of my tips with the blogging world!

Here are some laundry tips...

  • Don't use fabric softener on anything that is supposed to absorb liquid...bath towels, dish towels, wicking material, etc....the fabric softener prevents absorption! So if you feel like your towels aren't getting you dry, trade in the softness to let them do their job!
  • Hmmmm...
I guess I only have one laundry tip! :)

Visit to the Allergist...

And Noah has NO allergies! Praise God! So hopefully the adenoids were the culprit and he is free and clear for a long, long time! The doctor wants to see him again in October, since that seems to be the time of year that he gets bad. But for now, we are good! No nebulizer either! Woohoo!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Noah's Surgery

On July 2nd, Noah went in to have his adenoids removed and his tubes in his ears replaced. We have been fighting a runny nose, fluid in the ears, constant congestions crud for about six month. Our peds. office finally referred us to the ENT, and six weeks later was his surgery. Such a long process!!! He did great...so cheerful and the center of attention. The nursed seemed to adore him! The actual surgery was a hard case for the ENT. She had never seen so much snot in a 2 year old...it was in his throat, chest, ears...everywhere. She seems to think he has allergies, so she referred us to a pediatric allergist that we see next week. Poor boy!

Here are a few pictures of the day....

Noah being checked over...he is the best patient. Just sits there and does what he is told!
Changing into his surgery clothes. They were huge, but he looked pretty cute! The next picture is him being distracted by the remote waiting for his "loopy drugs" to take affect! It took awhile, but evntually worked!

And off in his space ship to surgery! Michael convinced him the bed was a space ship...otherwise he wanted off!

After his surgery, he had a hard time coming off of the drugs. But once they wore off, he was back to normal Noah. He is talking clearer and I think he can hear much better. He covers his ears now for loud noises...kind of sad! I'll keep you posted after his allergy appointment next week!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I love this man....

Isn't he adorable? Gosh, I love him so much and appreciate him more than most could ever imagine! Thanks for always taking care of me and loving me when I'm grouchy! I love you, babe!

Family Progression...

Michael and I have a great photographer in our church who does family pictures for us every year! I just thought it would be fun to post our family photos since having children!

Fernihough Funnies...

The boys have been seriously cracking me up lately! I'll share some of what they have done...in no particular order!

  • Today during nap time, Drew fell asleep immediately. I was downstairs, and I hear the pitter/patter of little feet, so I went upstairs to check on Noah. Well, he had taken all of the stuffed animals from a basket in their room and they were all surrounding Drew's face. And Drew had no clue! I wish I had grabbed my camera!
  • Poor Isaac! The other day Noah was jumping off of Michael's recliner and I told him to stop because Isaac was on the floor near the chair. The next thing I know, Noah is pulling Isaac across the floor by his legs!
  • On the same day, I found Drew ROLLING Isaac across the floor! Isaac was laughing like crazy! I told Drew to stop, and he said, "He likes it, Mom!" So I told him, "I don't like it! Stop!" But secretly, I do think that Isaac liked it!
  • Noah loves to be outside! The other day my genius son went into the garage, climbed into the van, pushed the garage door opener, got out of the van, and went outside. Pretty smart!
There are so many other funny things that they have both done recently, but my mind is blanking!!!! I'll add more when I think of them!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Gardening 101

Last year Michael worked really hard to landscape our yard (Check it out ~ http://thefernihoughs.blogspot.com/2007/06/landscaping.html). He did an amazing job and it has really improved the curb appeal of our home! This year we were able to plant a perennial garden in the front beds. It was a family affair. I haven't taken a picture of everything planted, but trust me, it looks great!!!!

I hate (I know....hate is a strong word, but I think it is the correct word as to how I feel) Yuccas...and they have an awful root system that makes them nearly impossible to get rid of completely! Michael and I dug out so many bulbs...I really hope we got them all. I am not a fan of this plant....

This is how the plants are laid out...only now they are actually planted in the ground! I can't wait for them to fill in and really start flowering!

Drew loves to ride around on the mower with Michael. Just think, in a few years, it will be his job to mow...do you think he'll still love it so much!?

Extra Safe!

On our way camping, Drew and Noah found their bicycle helmets in the van and insisted on wearing them in the car! So they were extra safe!

First time camping...

Earlier this month the boys experienced their first camping trip! The graduated seniors decided they wanted to go camping for their senior trip, so Michael and I gladly went along! The boys did awesome! They loved sleeping in a tent in their new sleeping bags...and they loved eating outside! It was so fun to see the seniors love on them and include them in their fun!

Helping Divina put up a tent....

These four beauties are some of my small group girls! They adore Isaac, and I love it!!!!

We camped at Silver Lake, Michigan. It is a beautiful area and just another example of God's awesome creation! One day we went to the beach and just hung out....

It was a beautiful, sunny day, but actually kind of cool. Isaac is laying on a blanket on the sand with a make shift tent shading him. He looks so content!

Our sweet Sarah applying sun screen to Noah...

Once again, doesn't he just look so content?!?! Amanda snuggled with Isaac quite a few times!

So cute...silly girls!

Isaac sleeping in Divina's sleeping bag...once again, so content!!!

We went to Craig's Cruisers on day to play mini-golf, ride go-carts, arcade, etc... And they had these Kiddie Carts that Drew was able to drive! He wasn't quite tall enough or coordinated enough to really control the car, but he sure did have a blast trying!

We really did enjoy this trip! I was a bit concerned as to how the boys would do, but overall, they did great! We are going camping with some friends in a few weeks, so let's hope it goes just as well!

Confused Super Hero/Villain!

Drew loves to be the "bad" guy in every situation. He really likes Darth Vader and makes Noah be Luke Skywalker! So I found him dressed like this and got a kick out of it! Super Man pajamas, Batman cape (Thanks, Matt and Lynnell...this is STILL the number one toy in his world!), and then his Darth Vader mask. And he even does the heavy breathing!!!!