Monday, July 7, 2008

Fernihough Funnies...

The boys have been seriously cracking me up lately! I'll share some of what they have no particular order!

  • Today during nap time, Drew fell asleep immediately. I was downstairs, and I hear the pitter/patter of little feet, so I went upstairs to check on Noah. Well, he had taken all of the stuffed animals from a basket in their room and they were all surrounding Drew's face. And Drew had no clue! I wish I had grabbed my camera!
  • Poor Isaac! The other day Noah was jumping off of Michael's recliner and I told him to stop because Isaac was on the floor near the chair. The next thing I know, Noah is pulling Isaac across the floor by his legs!
  • On the same day, I found Drew ROLLING Isaac across the floor! Isaac was laughing like crazy! I told Drew to stop, and he said, "He likes it, Mom!" So I told him, "I don't like it! Stop!" But secretly, I do think that Isaac liked it!
  • Noah loves to be outside! The other day my genius son went into the garage, climbed into the van, pushed the garage door opener, got out of the van, and went outside. Pretty smart!
There are so many other funny things that they have both done recently, but my mind is blanking!!!! I'll add more when I think of them!


Anonymous said...

Smart Kid, that Noah, but scary!!! You may have to put extra locks on the doors when you take a nap or sleep late. and poor Isaace may have to start wearing a helmet and otehr protective gear! LOVE, MOMF

Anonymous said...

I agree with MomF. You don't want Noah to get out in the street or to take a walk and get lost. MomD