Friday, July 4, 2008

Gardening 101

Last year Michael worked really hard to landscape our yard (Check it out ~ He did an amazing job and it has really improved the curb appeal of our home! This year we were able to plant a perennial garden in the front beds. It was a family affair. I haven't taken a picture of everything planted, but trust me, it looks great!!!!

I hate (I know....hate is a strong word, but I think it is the correct word as to how I feel) Yuccas...and they have an awful root system that makes them nearly impossible to get rid of completely! Michael and I dug out so many bulbs...I really hope we got them all. I am not a fan of this plant....

This is how the plants are laid out...only now they are actually planted in the ground! I can't wait for them to fill in and really start flowering!

Drew loves to ride around on the mower with Michael. Just think, in a few years, it will be his job to you think he'll still love it so much!?


Anonymous said...

Boy, you have been busy updating the blog. These pictures are great and the boys are a hoot! Drew is going to love that Darth Vader/Superman/Batman picture when he gets older. I hope you didn't lose too much of the landscaping during the storm last week. Enjoy your next camping trip. Hint: Summer had the kids collect rocks and then paint them. That might be a good activity for the boys. Love.MOMF

michelle said...

I never got a chance to look at your new perennials! Next time I am over you will have to give me a tour!