Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fernihough Happenings...

I don't know how many people in the last few days have insisted that I update the here goes!!! I don't have any picture at the moment, but I'll get on that...

  • My brother Andy and his wife were here for a weekend visit a few weeks ago. It was great...I really enjoy spending time with both of them. We ate at a new place downtown Kzoo called Madja Madja (sp?)...go, it is amazing!!!! Can't wait to go back! The rest of the weekend was pretty low key...just hanging out with the boys. Oh, we did go on a 10 mile bike ride around Gull Lake. It was the first time I had been on a bike since our UP trip this summer! It was fun! Isaac was in love with Jaime. He followed her around and just wanted her attention non-stop. I haven't seen him act that way with anyone. Cute stuff! :)
  • Our friends Mike and Lee are here this weekend with their three kiddos. It was a pretty last minute trip, their idea! We are so thankful to spend anytime with them that we can. We took the kids to Gull Meadow Farms today and all had a blast! They get to go on our small group date night with us tonight. Should be fun!
  • We started youth small groups a few weeks back. I have a great group of freshmen girls this year. They are so fun and energetic and exciting! I'm very excited to journey through life with them this year!
  • Drew is getting tall. Now that it is cooler out, he is in pants. And they are high waters on him! Poor thing! I need to pull out the 5's. I've also discovered that he can't say his L's. He makes the W sound instead. It's pretty cute! He is really enjoying his pre-school class this year. He has a much bigger class than last year. He is still pretty quiet and reserved, which I am very okay with! :) They focus on a letter a week and so far he knows A, B, and C. He can write them (lower and upper case!) and can tell you the sound each makes! I love it!!!!
  • Noah is getting tall. I think he is going through growing pains at night. But I can see a difference in him. He is also accident prone. Just this morning he busted his mouth and I'm still trying to figure out if the big hole in his gums needs medical attention. It isn't bleeding, but a noticeable size hole is there. He is talking like crazy in full, LONG, sentences. His verbal capabilities are so advanced compared to other kids his age and where Drew was at this age. He is very lovable and so adorable!
  • Isaac is getting so long. And crawling everywhere. I have a feeling his personality is going to lead more toward Noah's outgoing one. I don't know how I feel about that yet! He is amazing, though.
  • Hmmm...what else? Oh, I have a new addiction...GUITAR HERO. Thanks to Andy and Jaime!!!! We play constantly and have even ventured out to some songs on "hard." So watch out, Andy and Jaime! Can't wait to show you my mad skills at Christmas! :)
  • Michael and I are going to a conference next week in Atlanta. I can't wait to get away and go have some fun!
I guess this is all of updating I can do right now....sorry it is very random! But at least it is something!!!!! I'll do some picture soon! Promise! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mandy! Just checking your blog b/c I miss you!! Glad to hear you had a good weekend! love ya! Kate O.

Andy said...

Nice update! You misspelled skills. When talking about Guitar Hero, it is skillz.

lindley said...

Goodjob on the update! I would love to get Luke and Drew together--how fun! Luke does the same thing with his "L's" too. He's pretty good with "Luke", but has trouble with other ones. My name would sound like "winwey!" Miss you!