Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Daniel Family Christmas...

This post is way overdue!!!!  We had a great Christmas Day spent with my family.  The amount of gifts that circulate through my parents' house on this day is crazy!!!!  Between my oldest brother and us, there are five boys under 5!  So at times it was a bit chaotic, but overall they were great!  Here are just a few pictures from the day...

Uncle Andy and Noah with Noah's hard hat!

Here is my dad holding  Wes with Isaac close by!

Wade with Aunt Jaime in the background!

This is a family photo of the family, minus my oldest brother Matt.  We completely forgot to take the family picture on Christmas Day, so we had to take it the next day.  Matt had to report back for work, so he was not in the picture.  We were all pretty amazed that everyone was sort of looking at the camera!

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