Monday, June 29, 2009

Making room for baby...

In order to make room for the baby, Michael and I have decided to redo/refigure rooms in our house.  The first order of business is for Michael and me to move down to the basement.  We have started changing over the playroom into a master bedroom.  It will be great...much bigger than our current bedroom and it will have a HUGE closet!  The baby will go in the current guest room, which is right across the hall from the new master (both downstairs).  We will also be adding a full bath where the current half bath is and turning the stairway landing toward the "orange carpet" room to make more room for the bathroom...but we haven't started that yet, so it will all make more sense once I post pictures...but that is months down the road still!  Then upstairs, Drew will stay in his current room (which he shares with Noah) but will be alone!  We are moving the queen bed that is in the current guest room for him to have and he will get kicked out for guest when they come to town.  Noah and Isaac will move into our current room.  And Isaac's current room will become a study again!  So lots of changes!!!!

Here are some pictures from phase one of our remodel project...

This is the room that will be the master bedroom.  We will be moving the windows over a little and installing smaller ones to make more room for trim on the window on the left.  The doorway you see will be closed in and we will use the doorway that is on the other side of the room (not pictured).
The doorway you see here is the one that we will be using, and the wall you see here no longer exists.  Michael knocked it down to make room for the closet.  The laundry room is on the other side of this wall, and is huge, so Michael decided to extend our closet about three feet into the laundry room.
Let the demolition begin!  They had to knock down a layer of drywall to get to the cinder blocks.
I never imagined the cinder blocks would be a lovely peach color!  
The wall is gone!  
I guess the next step is framing in the new closet!  I can't wait!!!

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Anonymous said...

So where's the green sofa going? Can't wait to see the finished product. While Michael is building this master bedroom, he could build some cool nightstands like you had in the house in Colorado, hmmmmm? Who knew when we gave him his first little plastic hammer (with bells inside) that he would one day grow up to be a builder of sorts. He gives Bob the Builder a run for his money. Love, MOM