Monday, August 31, 2009

Drew's Back-to-School!

Summer is officially over for Drew!  He started his young-5's class at Kalamazoo Christian today.  He only goes Mon-Wed-Fri from 8:30-11:30, so it shouldn't be too taxing on him!  If you are wondering why he is doing young-5's it is because when I was teaching, I could always tell a HUGE difference in the boys who were younger than the rest of their classmates.  I told myself back then if I ever had a boy born in the summer months I would automatically hold him back a year.  I have no doubt in my mind that Drew is "ready" socially, physically, academically and spiritually to succeed in a regular Kindergarten program now, but Michael and I decided that we would give him the advantage of being the oldest in his class then the youngest.  We are very comfortable with our decision and it does not seem to bother him at all!

Here is a picture of Drew this morning outside our house...  If you want to compare this picture to last years first day of preschool picture, click here!

Today was just an orientation/meet the teacher type of day, so I was with him the entire time.  On Wednesday he'll go by himself, and then he is off Friday and Monday for Labor Day!  The kids had to make a little name tag today.

Checking out the playground!

It was a fun morning.  He has a handful of kids from his preschool days that are in his class again this year.  I have heard wonderful things about his teacher, Mrs. Thomas.  And, one of our favorite volunteers at church, Grandpa Joe (as everyone calls him!) has been volunteering at East Elementary for eleven years and will still volunteer there this year even though the school is closed to all grades but the young-5's class!  It was nice for Drew to see a very familiar face!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Who does this look like?


Like Father, Like Son

A few random shots...

Not sure who Drew thinks he is, but he sure made us laugh!  :)  He is constantly dressing up as different "characters" and layers all of his clothing!  Silly boy!
I bought Drew and Noah a lot of school supplies for them to play with at home.  Every time I pull them out, Isaac is on top of the kitchen table joining in!  Sometimes he is a pain with it, and others he is very cooperative!
Here's Spiderman, a.k.a Drew, painting an airplane with his new supplies!
I can never seem to get a shot of the three of them this is the best I could do.  Nice shot of the backs of their heads, huh!?  

Lake Michigan

We spent the day at Lake MI a few Saturdays back when we were up in Hart visiting Mike and Lee.  The boys played so hard and had such a blast...and amazingly, the water wasn't too terribly cold!  

Isaac looks slightly unhappy here, but he wasn't....just the action shot I took! :)