Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wow, has time flown by! I cannot believe that six weeks have passed since we welcomed our precious, sweet, beautiful, amazing Lindley into the world!!! She has been a blessing every moment of her life thus far! She is eating like a champ (look at those cheeks!!!), sleeps great, has started smiling…amazing! Her brothers adore her more than anything!!! Michael and I are still in awe that we we have a daughter!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Update on Miss Lindley

Lindley is doing so well adjusting to our family! She is definitely the little princess of the house and adored by all! She has Daddy wrapped around her sweet little finger already. I can't get over how different it is to have a girl…I didn't realize how much I wanted her to be a girl until she came out a girl! I'm not much of a girly girl myself, but I'm having so much fun picking out which outfit she'll wear, what bow matches that outfit, looking at girly stuff online, etc… I never had much joy deciding on clothes for the boys! She is growing well…at her two week appointment last week, she weighed in at 9 lbs 4 oz, so way over her birth weight! She also grew 1/2"! She does great with tummy time, loves her baths, sleeps great, and rarely cries. She is already very predictable in her schedule, which makes life easy for me! What a doll!!!

Her first baseball glove!!! It's bigger than her!

Our friend Julie has been arranging meals for us…it has been so nice to not have to worry about cooking right now. This is a chicken pot pie that my friend Sara made for us…delicious! I loved the "L" in the center! What love!

Craft Time with Grandma!

Michael's mom has been here for just about two weeks now, helping out with stuff around the house and the boys kids while we adjust to having a fourth child. She brought a fun painting craft for the boys to work on…Drew and Noah painted wooden snakes and Isaac painted a wooden lizard! Fun stuff!


Our sweet Isaac is almost two...less than a month. He is just amazing...but I'm afraid for the first time ever we might have a child who slightly fits into the "terrible two's" category...he does like to test his limits!!! We shall see how the next year goes... Here are a few pictures that one of our high school students took a few weeks back. He is just growing like a weed and getting more and more words daily! He is still very obedient and finally learned what "gentle" means when dealing with his baby sister!

A few nights ago, Michael was going in to tuck Noah and Isaac in bed, and when he opened the door, this is what he saw! Keep in mind that the flash makes it look light, but in reality, it was a bit confusing at first...hard to tell which was the life-size monkey and which was Isaac!