Saturday, February 20, 2010

This is how we play...

I would not be surprised if at least one of our boys becomes a doctor. They all like to pretend that they are doctors and they all LOVE to go to the doctor themselves. Weird, huh?

Dr. Isaac

Ready to work on Daddy…

This is how Isaac plays with Lindley…he lines toys up on her belly! She usually smiles at him the whole time…well, until a car rolls into her chin!

Whenever I have to make a batch of Play Doh for Drew's class, I usually make one for home, too! The boys all love it, but Isaac is currently addicted to it.

This was a weird night. Out of nowhere Noah comes out with his undies on his head. Isaac soon followed suit, then Drew. They were hysterical running around like this...

Isaac even decided that Daddy needed some…

Drew and Noah are still obsessed with Legos. Our days are spent with playing Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, building Lego men, Lego ships, having battles…

…and even introducing Lindley to Legos! Poor girl!

Here are all four of them at bedtime in Isaac's bed. We always pray together with the boys, but Lindley was awake and joined us this night. I love having them all together and interacting with each other. So precious!

I like this picture of Michael and Lindley…so I included it! :)
Sorry for the picture overload, but is has been awhile!

LINDLEY Update!!!

Somehow Lindley is now THREE months old. I'm not really sure where the time has gone, but I do wish it would slow down a bit! She is absolutely the most amazing baby ever. You might think I'm exaggerating because she is my baby and most moms think that their babies are amazing, which they are, but Lindley truly is the MOST amazing! :) She is happy, happy, happy! She still sleeps and eats (as you can tell!) like a champ and rarely cries!!! She blesses us each and every day by just being our daughter. She still has her bright blue eyes and I think her hair is starting to lighten up just a bit…and we think she might end up with wavy or curly hair. We have quit swaddling her at night, so that is nice to not have to worry about anymore! BUT, she has just recently found her thumb and LOVES it. So I'm pretty sure we are going to have a thumb sucker. I still put a bow on her head every time we are out in public. I want people to know that she is a girl! Her brothers still love her and protect her and always want to be near her. Life is so good right now…the Lord is blessing us beyond measure!!

Check out this amazing quilt that our friends made us! It is so soft and perfect! I hate when I have to throw it in the wash because I just want her to be on it all the time!!!

Doesn't she look so cute sucking her thumb? It won't be so cute at the age of 12!