Sunday, May 2, 2010

Leaving Comfort for Courage

Michael and I have some news: we are moving back to Colorado Springs, CO to be part of a church plant. Michael will be joining the staff of Alethia Church ( as one of the teaching pastors come September. We will use the month of August as a transition month to leave Michigan and move our sweet family eighteen hours west. We are very excited about this move and to see and experience all God has for us. But at the same time, our hearts are so sad to leave such an incredible church body at RBC and our amazing friends and support here in Richland.

My new friend has a blog called "Leaving Comfort for Courage" and I feel like that title fits this phase of our life perfectly right now. We are leaving the comfort of our friends, our church, our paycheck, our little "village" to go somewhere unknown. Not unknown physically, as Colorado Springs is where we served three years prior to moving here. But unknown in the sense of the practical side of life: Where will we live? Who will love my children the way they are loved here? Who will babysit my children when I need one? How do I register Drew for Kindergarten when I don't even know where we will be living? So many unknowns… But luckily we serve a God who is beyond one step ahead of us. He is paving this path for us, and we already have so much evidence of this.

Life will look different for us. In order to make ends meet for the next 18-24 months, Michael will have to get a job and we will have to raise support. We aren't quite sure at this point what either of those will look like, but we are praying for His ultimate wisdom and provision. So as of now, please start praying for us. Pray that our house will sell quickly. Pray that Michael can find a job that will still allow him to focus on Alethia and his role as a teacher there. Pray that our kids transition well. Pray that our hearts continue to be unified and that the pieces of this giant puzzle continue to fall into place.

All of this was announced at RBC this morning. If you would like more information, please ask! We would love to answer questions! There is a page on the RBC website that is very informative, so go check it out! Click here!

Thank you for your support and your prayers. From now on, we will be using our blog to be more ministry oriented and document this exciting faith journey that God has placed on our hearts and set into motion!



Amanda Frost said...

I had gotten a heads up that you guys were moving but it wasn’t until it was announced at church that it really hit me. I will miss you both and you will never know how much you’ve both impacted my life, and how sad I am to see you go. I thank God for putting you two in my life, when you were most needed. And I’m sure that there are many people in Colorado that need you at this point and that’s one of the reasons he is moving you there. And there is something there that you need as well. I know you will be greatly missed here, but God knows what he’s doing. Much love and prays.

Anonymous said...

We're excited, but understand your heartache of leaving. God isn't finished with you guys yet! We can't wait to have you all and your family with us. We will be praying for you all, the transition, and the amazing folk that you're leaving up there.

The Bhatts

A Davis said...

oh, wow!!! we weren't there this morning, so just found this out, of course! i know michael will be great as a teaching pastor and God will take care of all ur worries!

Larissa Annen said...

i still tear up when i read this and i left you years ago! i'm so amazed by you and michael. we will be praying for you!!

mommyto3kiddos said...

Wow! We were at church, but worked 1st service and had to scooch out early from 2nd, so I didn' hear the news. You guys will be greatly missed at RBC, but I know God is giving your family this opportunity to impact even more lives for Christ! I will definitely keep you all in my prayers as you take this amazing next step of faith.

lindley said...

You have our prayers!!!

Lindsey said...

I think you guys have the cutest family ever... seriously, you all are just precious!!!

Clark Family said...

Hello lovely!!!!! This is Kacy from CO! I can't even tell you how excited I am that you are coming out here! I saw you on Skype last night at church. It was so fun! I'm not sure where you are looking to live but there is a nice little place about 3 houses down from Tara and I and we would LOVE for you to move in!!!! :) It's only $1000 a month and it's a 3 bedroom. I'm just sayin is all!!! :)

Alrighty, please cal me if you need anything at all! 760-809-4224.

Talk to you soon.