Friday, June 4, 2010

How God has provided...

This journey has not been an easy one for us, or one that has not come with a price. But, without a shred of doubt, we know that this is a journey God has placed us on and that He will continue to lead us through. We have been so encouraged and so in awe of the way His provisions are already in place, and I just want to share some of those with you…

  • Early in this journey, Michael and I both felt that we needed to be at Alethia for the launch. This sounds fine and dandy, and yeah, let's just go…but for us, it's not that easy. We do have four children, and we don't have the funds to just fly everyone out. So we knew it would just be the two of us going. This was also Easter weekend, and we had to find a safe place for our kids. Michael and I both came to the same conclusion about who to ask: our friends, Angela and Brent. They live in Grand Rapids, don't go to our church, and love our kids…so this could potentially be the perfect fit… And it was. I called Angie up and she was so excited to watch the kids and didn't even seemed phased that it was Easter weekend. She also didn't ask a lot of questions about why we were going, but just told me she was praying. This was HUGE to us.
  • The day that I calculated the cost of postage to mail our support letters was a hard one for me. I guess I had not really thought about what it would cost, but when it all added up, I wasn't quite sure how we would pay for it. But that same evening, a friend called to give me his address and asked me if we needed help with postage. God is good and knows exactly what we need when we need it. That friend gave me a check the following Sunday at church at exceeded what I needed…and with the extra, we were able to fix the A/C in our van.
  • When we announced all of this, a friend of ours from Texas read about what we were doing and offered up her graphic design skills (more of a gift in my opinion!) to us: for our blog, our support letters, anything!! Wow! That is huge and she did an AMAZING job. So thank you, thank you, thank you Rachel!
  • We have had ELEVEN showing of our home. For those who don't live in Michigan, this probably doesn't seem like a big deal. But for those who do live here, you know how huge that is! No offers yet, but we are still encouraged that it is being seen!
There are so many more…the list just keeps going and going. I have had some hard days, days that I can't fathom why we are doing this, why we are uprooting our sweet kids from everything familiar, why God has called us to this…but on each of these days, He provides some sort of affirmation for me. By way of encouraging words from a friend, a verse I read in scripture that slaps the doubt out of my head, a check in the mail to help us along, a showing on the house… He is so good to us.

Thank you, Jesus, for loving us through this and paving the path. We are Yours...

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Clark Family said...

Hi lovely!! Thinking about you often! I know those days of doubt so well. It is such a blessing to watch your journey though... to hear about God's provision over every step.

I can't wait to come along side you and your family when you get here... or maybe more accurately, I can't wait for your family to come along side ours! We can't wait for you to get here. :)

Thanks for the updates. :)

Love, the Clarks