Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pike's Peak Trip 2!

On Sunday we drove Bri up to the top of Pike's Peak! Michael and I felt better up there this time around, but Bri felt a bit woozy most of the time! That didn't stop her from climbing and exploring and going far far away from us! Kind of like "Where's Waldo?"…but "Where's Bri?" If you look closely, you can see her gray sweats and black shirt on the big rock sort of in the middle of this picture!

Classic "top of Pike's Peak" picture...

I love this girl! Bri is such a blessing to me and my family! My boys consider her part of the family and adore her so much!

Michael let Isaac climb down a bit on his own and had a great time helping him navigate a safe path! Isaac loved the adventure and actually did a great job! All of the boys like to hike and climb and Drew has decided that he wants to hike Pike's Peak next summer! He's already training for it and everything!

Here's Isaac "owning" the mountain!

I thought these were pretty flowers growing in the rocks, above the tree line!

Not sure what Drew is doing here…but it's almost a good family picture if only Lindley was looking at the camera!

LOVE this picture! Isaac was holding on to her for dear life!

Lindley did not want to be held…she wanted to explore and climb just like her brothers!

I feel like she looks like more of a toddler here than a baby…where does the time go!?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Life in Colorado...

Michael and I packed up our family and left on this new adventure exactly one month ago today. Leaving our friends, our church, our house, and everything that was comfortable and familiar was probably one of the hardest things we have been asked to do. There were so many uncertainties and unanswered much room to doubt, second guess, and just flat out wonder why. But once we got here, and began settling in, everything began to feel "right." It is still hard to process everything, and the relationships we left in Michigan are still heavy on our hearts. Our boys still ask about people and places and things from Michigan. Drew still likes to know what time it is in Michigan and what he would be doing if we were still there. :) Being here has been good. And being here is where we are supposed to be. Both of us believe that and know that. All long we have been open to this adventure, but not quite sure how God was going to piece everything together. Now that we are here and living it, it is so exciting and humbling to see exactly how God has worked everything out ahead of us. So much has fallen in to place perfectly. The house is perfect for us and for our family and for ministry. The kids have adjusted so well to the altitude and to our new pace of life. Drew loves his school, his teacher, and his new friends. We found a great preschool for Noah and he gets to start on Friday! Michael is back to work after being off all of August to adjust...and he is loving his role with Alethia. This past week I interviewed for two teaching positions and was offered one of them! God is so good!

Alethia is amazing. We love our new church home and the people that God has brought there. The staff is incredible and we already feel like tight bonds are being formed. I believe that we run between 130-150 adults each Saturday night. Isn't that incredible? Lives are being transformed! I'll let Michael write a blog entry going into more detail about the church and our ministry there!

As for me, I am now the new 8th Grade Language Arts teacher for The Classical Academy-The Cottage School program! It is a very part time position, only 6 hours each Friday. Yesterday was my first day and it was a blast! I have 17 students in my Literature class and a few less in my Grammar/Writing class. The Cottage School is the homeschool supplemental type program. I've very excited to have this opportunity...and as always, God provided and knows exactly what we need!!

I'm going to try to be better at this....I'm mostly encouraged when people actually comment on the leave us a comment! :)


Our student, Bri, has been with us visiting since Aug. 22. She is great at helping out and just doing whatever, but we wanted her to have a fun adventure, too! So we took a day trip to Breckenridge last Friday! It is such a beautiful area and we had lots of fun! We started off riding the Gondola up part of a mountain, then we rode a ski lift up the rest of the way. We hiked a bit at the top, then rode back down. We also each rode down the Alpine Slide with the boys! That was a blast! Drew and I flew down it! :)

Enjoying the views from the Gondola!

Hiking a bit at the top!

This is at the base of the Alpine Slide.

Michael and Isaac riding the ski lift up so they could ride the slide down!


Look at this kid! How in the world is it possible that he is now in Kindergarten!? Where in the world does the time go!?

This is our walk to school every morning. From our house to his school, it is .57 miles. Not a bad walk at all!

Self portrait of us as we wait to go in the building on the first day!

Funny story, or better yet, awesome God story! We found out who Drew's teacher was the night before school started. And me, being the Facebook stalker I am, looked her up on Facebook just to see what I could find out about her. Well, we have a common friend, which was a bit crazy! So I messaged that friend to ask her to tell me about Mrs. Leedom...turns out, Mrs. Leedom is the Children's Pastor at her church! Michael and I have been praying about Drew's transition into public school and even more specific that his teacher would love the Lord...and look how He has provided! Drew absolutely loves her and is making some good friends already!

America the Beautiful Park

This park is beautiful with great scenic views and a unique playground! They had a blast playing with some different new friends! :)

This structure is a fountain that filters the water through and rotates. Kids are allowed to splash around in the bottom part! It was a fun way to cool off on a hot day!

Drew and Noah's Photography Skills!

Drew and Noah love to take my camera and practice their photography skills! :)

Trucks, Trucks, Trucks!

One of our first playdates with our new friends was to Touch-A-Truck in Woodland Park, Colorado! It was at a park there and there were lots of trucks type vehicles to touch! The boys loved it!!!

The Flight For Life helicopter made its grand entrance and about blew us over. Strollers were seriously rolling away! I had to grab the boys and go behind a large truck to shield them from the wind! I think we all had dirt in our eyes for a week after that!
This is interesting...the fact that this is a truck that is used scares me a bit! This is the Bear Trap vehicle!
Drew giving his best bear impersonation!
A few of our new friends...I'm not sure how many kids there were in our group, but lots and lots!
After we touched all the trucks we wanted to, we headed over to Sonic for lunch...I just wanted to share the view!