Saturday, September 4, 2010


Our student, Bri, has been with us visiting since Aug. 22. She is great at helping out and just doing whatever, but we wanted her to have a fun adventure, too! So we took a day trip to Breckenridge last Friday! It is such a beautiful area and we had lots of fun! We started off riding the Gondola up part of a mountain, then we rode a ski lift up the rest of the way. We hiked a bit at the top, then rode back down. We also each rode down the Alpine Slide with the boys! That was a blast! Drew and I flew down it! :)

Enjoying the views from the Gondola!

Hiking a bit at the top!

This is at the base of the Alpine Slide.

Michael and Isaac riding the ski lift up so they could ride the slide down!

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Stars And Dahlias said...

I LOVE Lindley's face in that first picture, lol!

It is so good to see you all having so much fun :).