Saturday, September 4, 2010


Look at this kid! How in the world is it possible that he is now in Kindergarten!? Where in the world does the time go!?

This is our walk to school every morning. From our house to his school, it is .57 miles. Not a bad walk at all!

Self portrait of us as we wait to go in the building on the first day!

Funny story, or better yet, awesome God story! We found out who Drew's teacher was the night before school started. And me, being the Facebook stalker I am, looked her up on Facebook just to see what I could find out about her. Well, we have a common friend, which was a bit crazy! So I messaged that friend to ask her to tell me about Mrs. Leedom...turns out, Mrs. Leedom is the Children's Pastor at her church! Michael and I have been praying about Drew's transition into public school and even more specific that his teacher would love the Lord...and look how He has provided! Drew absolutely loves her and is making some good friends already!

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Stars And Dahlias said...

I'm so happy Drew is doing well at school...that was the second thing that came to my mind when you first told us you were moving.

And, Mandy, you look absolutely gorgeous!