Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pike's Peak Trip 2!

On Sunday we drove Bri up to the top of Pike's Peak! Michael and I felt better up there this time around, but Bri felt a bit woozy most of the time! That didn't stop her from climbing and exploring and going far far away from us! Kind of like "Where's Waldo?"…but "Where's Bri?" If you look closely, you can see her gray sweats and black shirt on the big rock sort of in the middle of this picture!

Classic "top of Pike's Peak" picture...

I love this girl! Bri is such a blessing to me and my family! My boys consider her part of the family and adore her so much!

Michael let Isaac climb down a bit on his own and had a great time helping him navigate a safe path! Isaac loved the adventure and actually did a great job! All of the boys like to hike and climb and Drew has decided that he wants to hike Pike's Peak next summer! He's already training for it and everything!

Here's Isaac "owning" the mountain!

I thought these were pretty flowers growing in the rocks, above the tree line!

Not sure what Drew is doing here…but it's almost a good family picture if only Lindley was looking at the camera!

LOVE this picture! Isaac was holding on to her for dear life!

Lindley did not want to be held…she wanted to explore and climb just like her brothers!

I feel like she looks like more of a toddler here than a baby…where does the time go!?


Nikki Van Pelt said...

Mandy, the pics are great! Thank you for sharing your blessings and family. Lindley is looking so big! Miss you bunches!

Stars And Dahlias said...

Mmmmm, I love these pictures! I love you all :).

Sally Tanner said...

Hey Fernihoughs,
Just finished up a 2-day Cut-ups. Small, this time, but a great group of ladies. I am tired.
So glad that you know you're right where God wants you. Sure helps relieve some of the stress of living.
Fall has come to MI. It's 8:30 and 47 outside.
Think of you often.