Saturday, September 4, 2010

Trucks, Trucks, Trucks!

One of our first playdates with our new friends was to Touch-A-Truck in Woodland Park, Colorado! It was at a park there and there were lots of trucks type vehicles to touch! The boys loved it!!!

The Flight For Life helicopter made its grand entrance and about blew us over. Strollers were seriously rolling away! I had to grab the boys and go behind a large truck to shield them from the wind! I think we all had dirt in our eyes for a week after that!
This is interesting...the fact that this is a truck that is used scares me a bit! This is the Bear Trap vehicle!
Drew giving his best bear impersonation!
A few of our new friends...I'm not sure how many kids there were in our group, but lots and lots!
After we touched all the trucks we wanted to, we headed over to Sonic for lunch...I just wanted to share the view!

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