Monday, February 28, 2011

Memorization Update!

The boys have been working hard on their "Verse Books," as we like to call them! I started out picking verses I thought relevant to their lives (i.e. "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right." Ephesians 6:1) but have since moved on to have them memorize the verses that the people of Alethia are memorizing…which have all been from Philippians.

To start, I write the verse at the top of a piece of paper with a Sharpie for Isaac and Noah. Drew then copies the verse on his sheet himself. Then we talk about it and what it means to them. I ask them to describe what they think it means in their own words, then I ask them to draw a picture of that description. It's so cool to see how they really think about this and draw pictures. Isaac's are obviously pretty basic (i.e. for Ephesians 6:1 he drew a bunch of circles that he called children!) and Noah and Drew's are more complex and really show the meaning of the verse.

For Philippians 2:3 ("Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourself") Noah drew God (biggest figure below), others (medium figure), and himself (smallest figure) to illustrate that he is putting God and others before himself.

Drew takes this task seriously (the others do too!) and really tries to concentrate. He does a great job writing the verse and illustrating it as well…and usually adds Lego stickers! :)

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"I have hidden your word in my heart that I
might not sin against you." Psalm 119:11

I'm trying, Lord. I'm trying to engrave Your word in the hearts of my children. Help me to stay diligent in this task. Help me to show them who You are and how important Your word is at a young age.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Michael and I have been wanting a "good" camera since moving to Colorado. And the money for one fell into place and coincided with a great sale! I still don't know much about the camera, or how to use it to its full capabilities, but so far I'm loving th
e images I have captured!

Here are a few of my favorites of the kiddos….





Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love Hate Tuesday

Today was a good mix of really good and really bad. At times I would claim to have been a great mom, but within moments, I could also claim the prize for worst mom.

What I have loved about today…
  • The oldest brother "training" the middle brother in dancing. The kid has rhythm and knows it…the other has no rhythm, and doesn't know it. Makes for a fun before bed laugh!
  • The girl following her brothers, who are quite oblivious to her existence, with a sticker in her hand that finally winds up on the middle boy's belly. More laughter!
  • The youngest boy suddenly free with his "I love yous" and hugs…that's new!
  • A husband who thinks annoying me is fun…I try so hard not to smile, but always fail. That boy sure does know what buttons to push when this stubborn girl has no intention on cracking a smile.
What I have not loved about today…
  • The youngest boy pooping in his undies…yuck.
  • Repeating myself a million (total exaggeration) times before obedience happens.
  • Sending two different boys to the corner on several different occasions for lacking listening skills.
  • Losing my temper with the youngest boy at bedtime, over nothing. I'm just tired from the day and ready for "me" time.
So many more "loves" and "not loves" filled this day. So many times I mentally stored in my mind something one of my little people did that just filled my heart with love and joy. And so many times I wished I could step outside of my body and watch how I dealt with one of those little people in my frustration and anger. I think know I would be disappointed in the way I treated them at times.

Tomorrow is a new day. And with the help of my God, I will be a better parent and slow down and enjoy these amazing little people He has entrusted to me.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday, oh Thursday

I used to completely dread Thursdays for several reasons…mainly because it was the last day to complete my lesson plans before Friday classes. I also just had a full schedule with BSF, school pick up, and the lesson planning I just mentioned. It was a hard day because Lindley would miss her morning nap and then be slightly grumpy until she recharged during her afternoon nap! Pretty much one of those days that was just so rushed and hurried that nothing about it was relaxing or joyful.

But now…Thursday, oh Thursday! You might be my favorite day! I ended up stepping away from BSF for this season. It is an awesome Bible Study, but at this stage in my life, I need something a bit more relational. Alethia offers a Women's Bible Study on Thursday nights, so I am now involved in that and love it. So that is reason number one I now love Thursdays. I get to come together with some of my favorite friends from CO and dive into God's word at a deep, personal level. Love it! Another perk to Thursdays is that I no longer have to leave the comfort of my home to pick Drew up from school! My awesome neighbor volunteers on Thursdays at the school, so she brings him home for me! So if I so desire, I don't have to leave my house at all on Thursdays. I have also become more organized in my lesson planning for school, so that task is not so daunting anymore. :) Thank goodness!

So today, beloved Thursday, here's the plan. As soon as Lindley goes down for a short morning nap (she is phasing these out!), I'm going to complete my lesson plans for tomorrow. Then we are headed to the playplace at the mall with a friend to let out some pint up energy our kids have been storing due to two snow days! Fun! Nap time will follow, then I'm embarking on my very first exercise class at the gym we joined about a month ago! I'm excited! And to end my day, I get to study 2 Peter with an awesome group of women! I love Thursdays…or at least this one!