Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday, oh Thursday

I used to completely dread Thursdays for several reasons…mainly because it was the last day to complete my lesson plans before Friday classes. I also just had a full schedule with BSF, school pick up, and the lesson planning I just mentioned. It was a hard day because Lindley would miss her morning nap and then be slightly grumpy until she recharged during her afternoon nap! Pretty much one of those days that was just so rushed and hurried that nothing about it was relaxing or joyful.

But now…Thursday, oh Thursday! You might be my favorite day! I ended up stepping away from BSF for this season. It is an awesome Bible Study, but at this stage in my life, I need something a bit more relational. Alethia offers a Women's Bible Study on Thursday nights, so I am now involved in that and love it. So that is reason number one I now love Thursdays. I get to come together with some of my favorite friends from CO and dive into God's word at a deep, personal level. Love it! Another perk to Thursdays is that I no longer have to leave the comfort of my home to pick Drew up from school! My awesome neighbor volunteers on Thursdays at the school, so she brings him home for me! So if I so desire, I don't have to leave my house at all on Thursdays. I have also become more organized in my lesson planning for school, so that task is not so daunting anymore. :) Thank goodness!

So today, beloved Thursday, here's the plan. As soon as Lindley goes down for a short morning nap (she is phasing these out!), I'm going to complete my lesson plans for tomorrow. Then we are headed to the playplace at the mall with a friend to let out some pint up energy our kids have been storing due to two snow days! Fun! Nap time will follow, then I'm embarking on my very first exercise class at the gym we joined about a month ago! I'm excited! And to end my day, I get to study 2 Peter with an awesome group of women! I love Thursdays…or at least this one!

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Lauren said...

I am so excited to be a part of this schedule in two weeks! Ahhhh!!