Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Evening at the Farm...

The Peeks and the Clarks own a farm in Monument…2 houses, 10 acres. The view is beautiful. There is plenty of lands to let the kids go free and romp around. Two adorable houses sit on the farm that our friends have lovingly made homes. There's a barn to explore, a silo to admire, and many other buildings present. We love to take our family t
o the farm…they laugh, play, explore, run, ride, swing, climb, get dirty…and come home worn out. I love it!

Look at that view! It's a little hazy, but that glorious mountain is
Pike's Peak. I want a view of Pike's Peak!
And every good farm has an ATV for getting around…
This is Drew and his friend Siah.
Noah, looking so fierce, taking Hal and Siah on a ride...
And the dads…lovingly cooking dinner on the grill.
Isaac…this boy could easily be a farm boy…living in the dirt and loving every second of it.
And this farm is beyond "good"…it has TWO ATVs to get around! Michael took all of our kids on a ride and they all loved it. So fun!
At one point I come out of the house and looked down the road and this is what I saw….
That cute little speck you might see is my Lindley…all alone on the dirt drive. Oh, but wait! We aren't irresponsible parents! Michael was in the garage to the right, and Lindley just wanted to Go! Go! Go! And I just happened to look when Michael wasn't in sight! I actually made him go back in the garage to take this photo! :)

But Lindley! My goodness! This sweet girl wanted to explore and do it all on her own. I tried numerous times to redirect her to where I wanted her to explore, but she made it clear she wanted to do her own thing. Look at her…look at the beautiful girl God has given us…I'm amazed at how big she is, and how sweet and loving, and how she already knows how to stick up for herself with three older brothers, and how she has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger a million times around. Man, this girl has it made!
Noah loves going to the farm, too. He is my more cautious adventurer (shocking, huh!?), but still has a blast with his friends!
There's just something about going to the farm. It is so serene and the beauty of the land just shines through. It's refreshing to have a place to go that is calm, and fresh, and relaxing in the midst of a largely populated area and just the busyness of life. Michael and I think a lot about where we want to settle when we are at a place to purchase our own home, and we love the idea of having land and a view and a place to let the boys (and girl!) just go free… There's a 5 acre lot that connects to the farm that we would love to have dropped in our laps… It's beautiful. It's big. It has a view. I can already picture the house I would build, the garden I would plant, the games I would play, the adventures the kids would have, the fresh air we would breathe…right now it's purely a dream, but it's a dream we are letting the Lord know we have, and we all know that nothing is too far out of reach for Him!

The lot we are praying for...


Bri said...

Um I'll let God know I'm totally on board with your dream at the end there, too.

Lee said...

Is it to late to mention we have five acres and plenty of space to build......and I'll share my garden? Just sayin'.
You got some farm kids on your hands, alright. :) Love ya'll.

Lauren said...

So beautiful! You describe the farm perfectly, Mandy...I will be praying about your potential lot ;). I love you!