Thursday, March 3, 2011

To Live is Christ...

We have friends in from MI…lots of friends….lots of good friends, and I'm loving every second of my time with them. It's going way too fast, and the next 36 hours need to crawl….slowly crawl. One day we took them to The Garden of the Gods, which is one of our favorite, most beautiful places in Colorado. For us, it's like a big playground to explore and climb and hike. The boys love it, and just love romping around and being adventurous. So fun!
Lindley had her first experience at The Garden of the Gods. She started off in a backpack carrier, but we made the mistake of taking her out to rest our backs at one point, and she did NOT want back in the thing! She just wants to keep up with those boys!
Then there's Noah. Sweet, gentle, big hearted Noah. Noah was our boy who was in the ER three times before he was three years old. But now that he is "wiser" and more "cautious" and the ripe old age of almost five, he has really slowed things down. At one point as we were playing and climbing and the older "kids" were being more daring, Noah said, "Dying is better than living. And when you die you go to heaven. And I LOVE heaven." Oh that boy and his heart…he gets it, truly gets it! Maybe his theology is a little skewed in his little four year old mind, but he gets it. One of the verses that is already engraved into his heart is… "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain" Philippians 1:21. You are so right, Noah.

As we were leaving the park, he looked up at me and asked if he could pray for us…of course, sweet boy! He prayed that "we would be safe and not fall and die…" or something along those lines!

Lord, I'm trying so hard to nurture their hearts. Thank you for providing so many teachable moments throughout our days. Help me to notice those times for what they are and speak truth to my children through them...

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Lauren said...

This is so beautiful :). All of your children's hearts are already overflowing with the word of the Lord--and how young they are! I will keep praying that God provides with those opportunities! I love you!