Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smitten with his girl...

Michael and Lindley were having breakfast together the other morning and just being so sweet with each other. Lindley is a Daddy's girl through and through...she loves that man almost as much as I do. And I can see why...he's pretty great!

Oh, and check out her hair! I was just playing with her hair and decided to try to braid it! Turned out so cute and she even left it in for a long time! Love having a little girl!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Break 2011

For Spring Break this year we traveled to Arizona to visit with Michael's brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew....and his mom flew in from Texas to be there at the same time as us! It was a great trip and we had lots of fun. The kids all love being with each other, and of course the adults do too!

Daniel and Summer live in an awesome community that has two beautiful lakes. They live just a few hundred yards from one of the lakes and we spent a lot of time running and walking around those lakes. The kids chased the ducks, rolled in the lush green grass, hid behind palm trees, took paddle boats and canoes out on the lake and just enjoyed the warmth of the sun that week.

{Lindley is definitely a Daddy's girl!}

{Summer and Mandy}
{The kids waiting to go out on the paddle boat!}
{Isaac watching the ducks!}
{Our three little guys just enjoying the calm of the lake!}
{On your mark! Get set! GO!!!!}
{Action shots!}
{My sweet Drew}
{My sweet Noah}
{My sweet Isaac}
{My sweet Lindley}
{Loves being with her Daddy}
{Group hug!}
{I love this picture of Carol with her boys!}
The rest of our time together was spent playing games, letting the kids just play whatever and watch movies, going to Dave and Busters, playing at the park, and just enjoying and soaking up the time we all had together.

{This is how Isaac played ski ball!}
{The Dads helping the older boys play a game!}
{Me with my favorite man!}
{Summer with her favorite man!}
{Movie morning with popcorn!}
{Patiently waiting for breakfast}
{Playing at the park}
{Drew and Caleb...pretty much best buds...with Noah, too!}
It was a great trip! Can't wait for everyone to meet up in CO for round two!

First lost tooth!

On Friday I received a text from Michael while I was teaching to call him as soon as I had a chance. When I finally had a chance, it turns out that it was Drew who had some news for me. He had his first loose tooth!!! When I got home I wiggled that tooth and sure enough, it was loose. By Saturday he had wiggled that tooth so much that it was very loose, and he wanted it out. He asked Bri to pull it for him...
She tried and tried and they had quite the little system. Bri was pretty concerned that she would hurt him, so she instructed him to raise his hand up if it was hurting and he wanted her to stop. I was pretty impressed with the system they put in place.

{Noah wanted to feel how loose it was...}
{Daddy watching the action...}
{And it's out! Look at that happy grin!}

***CAUTION: The next photo is a bit bloody!!!***

Sweet Drew is so excited to have that toothless gap in his little mouth! He shows it to everyone and is so ready for the next one to fall out! He put his tooth in a baggy, wrote a note to the tooth fairy, placed it under his pillow, and had me practice sneaking the tooth out from under him while he pretended to sleep!

{Dear tooth feairreye I want 2 dolrs.}
And just this once, for that precious little first tooth, the tooth fairy did pay $2. But she made it very clear that only the first tooth cost that much! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Say "Cheese!"

Have you ever attempted to have six children all look at the camera at once and smile? Oh my goodness...what a pointless feat! When we were in AZ we tried on several different occasions to get at least one good picture of all six cousins.

This one is close...except Isaac is looking down and Lindley is slowly sliding off of Abby's lap.

We were attempting to be artsy in this one...each kids is posing by, behind, with a tree...which ever we could coerce them to do. But at the last moment, Lindley just ran away. Stinker!

Another semi-artsy attempt. We might have been able to pull this one off if we hadn't positioned them to stare straight at the sun...

Finally! A semi-decent one... Phew, that was hard work!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tragic Disembowelment

What a sweet face! I wonder what he is dreaming of...could it be about what he just did...???
Meet cute, fluffy, soft, gentle Bear. He is was the type of bear you could cuddle and tell your deepest, darkest secrets to and know that they are were safe. He is was the type of bear that makes a great BFF.
One night not too long ago, Michael went to tuck in the boys and immediately noticed that Bear had been disemboweled and his insides were spread everywhere. Why, Isaac, why? Why did you torture and destroy this poor, innocent bear who loved you unconditionally? Then to just dump him aside and crawl back into your safe, warm, comfortable bed and drift slowly into
la-la land....
For a short time, a very short time, Bear made a great bear rug... Poor Bear. RIP, old friend.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Arizona Mishaps!

Spring Break 2011! We packed up the brand new-to-us Suburban, loaded the cooler with food to feed an army, puke bucket just in case (revisit, please don't!), buckled in our four little treasures and headed to the hot, dry, sunny, beautiful, flat, altitude-less state of Arizona to be with Michael's mom (who traveled over from Texas), brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. It was a glorious week filled with amazing food, tons of laughter, life-long memories, and pure, simple FUN. But...there's always a but, huh...there were a few small, minor mishaps and one major heart-stopping moment...

Minor mishaps...

Noah rolling down a soft, green, grassy knoll and smearing his finger in duck poop on his way down...and out Noah does not like to get messy, so this was over the top for him!

Since we're on the topic of poop... Check out what Isaac willingly decided to check out through the sense of touch all on his own... Gross, Isaac. No worries, we washed his hands at least a million times!

Sweet Lindley left us a trail of toilet paper several times...mostly she was trying to get a piece to wipe the snot from her little nose, but she didn't quite understand limits.

Noah is our accident prone little one...and of course he had his fair share of scrapes and bruises. I don't even remember what he did here, but I took a picture because he was so pathetic.

Major mishap...

Everything you read above falls into the "minor mishap" category. I honestly can't believe I'm going to share with the world what happened as our "major mishap." But I figure if Michael used it as a sermon illustration last week, I might as well share it with you.

Miss Lindley has become quite independent. She will just go and explore without any regard to where she is, who she is with, who should be with her, or where boundaries are set. Why should she? She's just 17 months old.

All that to say... One morning the kids were playing in the backyard, Michael and Daniel were "working" on the patio table, I had just come back from a run, and the cable guys were fixing the cable. We were all chatting, having a good time. I decided to go in and shower up to be ready for the rest of the day. All was well... I went upstairs, saw a hair tie on the counter and something in me decided that I needed to run downstairs and put Lindley's hair up so it wasn't in her eyes, sticking to her snot, or flossing her teeth. When I got to the backyard, I didn't see my two-foot tall princess. Nobody saw that girl. Mild panic set in...we all got up and just started looking for her...this gate was shut, so I thought we were safe...

I pushed it open and made it to the front yard at the exact time Daniel came through the front door towards the yard. I looked left, since that was the direction of the path that led to the lake not 200 yards from their front door. Daniel looked right...and he spied that sweet, adorable, blond hair, blue eyed beauty about 200 yards down the sidewalk strolling towards the middle of the street. My heart sank...we both sprinted toward her, Daniel grabbed her and I took her and just held her tight.

So many what ifs instantly began playing in my head... What if I hadn't decided to put her silly hair up? What if she had turned left instead of right and saw the sparkly, tempting lake in front of her? What if a car had been passing by not paying attention to a little toddler in the middle of the street? What if she had been snatched up by someone other than this Mommy? So many...and I voiced them. And I had to stop. I could not keep dwelling on what could have happened, but I needed to dwell on the fact that she was safe.

It was no one's fault...well, I like to blame the cable guys, after all, they were the ones who opened the gate and didn't bother closing it immediately. Ugh.

Thank you, Jesus, for giving me the nudge to go back and tend to my Lindley's hair. Thank you for taking her stroll through the neighborhood in the safe direction. Thank you for protecting her, watching her, being with her. Amen.