Thursday, April 28, 2011

First lost tooth!

On Friday I received a text from Michael while I was teaching to call him as soon as I had a chance. When I finally had a chance, it turns out that it was Drew who had some news for me. He had his first loose tooth!!! When I got home I wiggled that tooth and sure enough, it was loose. By Saturday he had wiggled that tooth so much that it was very loose, and he wanted it out. He asked Bri to pull it for him...
She tried and tried and they had quite the little system. Bri was pretty concerned that she would hurt him, so she instructed him to raise his hand up if it was hurting and he wanted her to stop. I was pretty impressed with the system they put in place.

{Noah wanted to feel how loose it was...}
{Daddy watching the action...}
{And it's out! Look at that happy grin!}

***CAUTION: The next photo is a bit bloody!!!***

Sweet Drew is so excited to have that toothless gap in his little mouth! He shows it to everyone and is so ready for the next one to fall out! He put his tooth in a baggy, wrote a note to the tooth fairy, placed it under his pillow, and had me practice sneaking the tooth out from under him while he pretended to sleep!

{Dear tooth feairreye I want 2 dolrs.}
And just this once, for that precious little first tooth, the tooth fairy did pay $2. But she made it very clear that only the first tooth cost that much! :)

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Lee said...

Drew you are such sweetness. What a brave boy!! We are proud of you! And look out! Those front ones fall out in pairs! :) You're gonna be RICH!