Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Break 2011

For Spring Break this year we traveled to Arizona to visit with Michael's brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew....and his mom flew in from Texas to be there at the same time as us! It was a great trip and we had lots of fun. The kids all love being with each other, and of course the adults do too!

Daniel and Summer live in an awesome community that has two beautiful lakes. They live just a few hundred yards from one of the lakes and we spent a lot of time running and walking around those lakes. The kids chased the ducks, rolled in the lush green grass, hid behind palm trees, took paddle boats and canoes out on the lake and just enjoyed the warmth of the sun that week.

{Lindley is definitely a Daddy's girl!}

{Summer and Mandy}
{The kids waiting to go out on the paddle boat!}
{Isaac watching the ducks!}
{Our three little guys just enjoying the calm of the lake!}
{On your mark! Get set! GO!!!!}
{Action shots!}
{My sweet Drew}
{My sweet Noah}
{My sweet Isaac}
{My sweet Lindley}
{Loves being with her Daddy}
{Group hug!}
{I love this picture of Carol with her boys!}
The rest of our time together was spent playing games, letting the kids just play whatever and watch movies, going to Dave and Busters, playing at the park, and just enjoying and soaking up the time we all had together.

{This is how Isaac played ski ball!}
{The Dads helping the older boys play a game!}
{Me with my favorite man!}
{Summer with her favorite man!}
{Movie morning with popcorn!}
{Patiently waiting for breakfast}
{Playing at the park}
{Drew and Caleb...pretty much best buds...with Noah, too!}
It was a great trip! Can't wait for everyone to meet up in CO for round two!

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