Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tragic Disembowelment

What a sweet face! I wonder what he is dreaming of...could it be about what he just did...???
Meet cute, fluffy, soft, gentle Bear. He is was the type of bear you could cuddle and tell your deepest, darkest secrets to and know that they are were safe. He is was the type of bear that makes a great BFF.
One night not too long ago, Michael went to tuck in the boys and immediately noticed that Bear had been disemboweled and his insides were spread everywhere. Why, Isaac, why? Why did you torture and destroy this poor, innocent bear who loved you unconditionally? Then to just dump him aside and crawl back into your safe, warm, comfortable bed and drift slowly into
la-la land....
For a short time, a very short time, Bear made a great bear rug... Poor Bear. RIP, old friend.

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Anonymous said...

That sweet, innocent face. Yet what a stinker! Your 4/13 post made me shake and cry all over again. Miss you all.Love, MOMF