Thursday, May 12, 2011


As we were driving home from a friends house on Saturday night, Drew loudly exclaims, "Yuck! Boo horns!!"

I looked around and didn't notice any cars with t.u. bumper stickers, or people sporting tacky burnt orange. So I asked where he saw a "boo-horn" as we affectionately call those from that school. He pointed to this restaurant...

I said, "Yeah, that looks like boo-horns all right. But I like that place!"

Drew replied in dismay, "You like the boo-horns??"

Noah chimed in at just the right time, "No, Drew. That's where they cook boo-horns!"

Love how they already know the good stuff in life!


Kimberlee Pollard said...

laughed out loud all to myself.

lindley said...

Lovin' how they are already Baylor Bear fans at heart!!! ;)

ferniBlog said...

I'm still laughing about it, Kim! :) And Lindley, you of all people should know better! Just because I name my daughter after you doesn't mean I like or approve of the school you went to! ;)

Anonymous said...

Way past time for a new blog!