Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pastor Date Night!

The first Friday of every other month is Pastor Date Night. This is a time that as pastors and wives we can all get together and just have a night of pure fun. This was implemented to build community amongst us build deeper bonds that go beyond the doors of the church. Each couple is assigned a date night to plan together. This particular one that I documented through great photography was planned by the Peeks. I think it was called "Burritos, Bowling, and Bow Ties." Meaning we ate at Qdoba, went to a local bowling alley and played a few intense bowling games, then ended the night at the Golden Bee at The Broadmoor. The "Bow Tie" part was that we were all to dress up! :)

Here are a few shots from Qdoba. Love that place!

{The love of my life...}
{The love of my life being silly!}
{Kim and Manny}
{Kim and Manny being silly!}

Here are a few pictures from the bowling alley!

{Tyler and Kaci}
{Rick and Laura}
{Adam and Tara}
{Sam and Amber}
{The girls!}
(The whole clan!}

And finally...a few pictures from the Golden Bee!

{Kaci checking out the song book!}
{A few of the girls waiting for a table!}

That night was super fun. Michael and I feel completely blessed to be a part of this group and to call them all friends. Looking forward to our next date night!

***The only bummer (and it was a big bummer!!!) of the evening is that Joey and Kacy could not be there.

{Joey and Kacy}