Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blogging Slacker

Life has been busy. Actually, busy is an understatement. Life has been downright crazy this summer. We have had non-stop company this summer, which was so great, but hard to find time to do anything! I haven't blogged, I haven't cleaned my house, I haven't done most of my to-do list for this summer! But I did host a ton of great friends and had a great summer! I did do fun things with my family and friends. I did spend more time in the Word this summer. I did thoroughly rest, relax and refresh this summer. Now that we are back into the swing of school, hopefully I can get back on track. I hate to even put this out there, but my goal is to blog twice a week. But now I've said it, it's out there, and I'm going to try really hard!

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