Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Blog of Mine

School is in full swing…has been since late August. Drew is in 1st grade at The Classical Academy, Noah is in Kindergarten at Martinez Elementary and Isaac is in pre-school at Springs Community Church. I am teaching two days a week with the Cottage School at The Classical Academy, so every Tuesday and Thursday sweet Drew gets to ride to school with me and we catch glimpses of each other throughout our days. I love it. I can't wait for Noah to be there next year!

As for me, I'm teaching 5th grade this year. Last year I taught 8th graders. I was a little uncertain as to how I would like 5th grade, but I LOVE it. I have super great students who are just so eager to learn and just absorb everything like sponges. I am genuinely excited to wake up and go to school each Tuesday and Thursday.

This year I'm trying to really be on top of things and stay on top. I decided early on to create a class blog as a tool for students and parents. It has been such a hit! Go check it out... Mrs. Fernihough's 5th Grade Last week I created a blog for each student that is linked off of my page. I'm using a site called and it is amazing! They students are loving it. :)

I know this isn't the most exciting return to blogging, but it's one of the things I'm super excited about right now…the education of my children and my role as an educator!

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