Sunday, November 13, 2011

I stand in awe...

Today at church, during worship, I just stood in awe. My heart was singing praises, my mouth was moving and releasing the correct words, but my eyes were full of tears (that just wouldn't release in full force). As I sat and observed while the Lord spoke straight to my heart, I was just humbled beyond belief. The Lord is so good. So, so, so good. This little church that had just under a hundred people when we moved here 15 months ago has grown leaps and bounds…not just in numbers, but in genuine community. I look around and can easily spot a multitude of new friends that I could pour out anything to, that I'm not afraid to be me, that I'm not afraid to fail in front of, or to not be a perfect wife, mother, friend, acquaintenance in front of. I see women who have challenged me from they way they lead their lives, the way they mother their children, the way they love their husbands. I see men who have poured into my Michael and done the same for him. I see the parents of children who my boys call "BFF…FFFFFF" and my heart is filled with delight. I see older women who I just want to get to know, to hear their stories, the share mine. I see younger women who I just want to share all my trials and tribulations with to encourage them in theirs. I see families and individuals going to the cross to take communion with their Savior. I see husbands leading their families to that cross to pick up the elements, then they move off to the side and kneel with their family. I know that man is praying over his family and laying himself before the Lord…I know that because most days my husband leads me to do the same. But this day, my Michael was on stage, guitar strapped to him, belting out praises to the Lord as he leads the congregation. Beside him is a woman who I have learned to love and cherish and is a friend I hold dear. Her voice sends me to His presence each Sunday and I leave more and more in love with the One who loves me even more. I look over at a Christmas tree that is stocked with little ornaments that hold the names of children who lost everything in the Joplin tornado earlier this year…their Christmas list inscribed on little sheets of paper. Throughout our time of worship I see person after person, couple after couple, family after family go up to that tree and choose an ornament. Before worship is even over, every single one of those little ornaments is gone…and that is what makes the tears start flowing. I'm surrounded by people who not only love the Lord with their heart, soul, mind and body, but these same people just love people and want to serve.

Needless to say, I had a great morning at Alethia. I left encouraged and challenged. Tyler brought the Word and so much is still playing in my head.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing us here. Thank you for pushing us toward faith, toward a season where You are our survival.

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