Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Miss Priss

This girl. My goodness is she her own person. This morning I told her it was time to get dressed. She grabbed my finger and dragged me upstairs to her room. She opened her drawer and pulled the outfit out below and made it clear this is what she wanted to wear today. She even went as far as putting the tights on herself. When she had both feet in one leg, I stepped in to help.

What have we gotten ourselves into!? She is fiercely independent and a wee bit strong willed. But she's two...should I expect anything different?! :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas to all!

Christmas is my favorite holiday for several reasons. First and most importantly, this is the day we celebrate the birth of Christ. And Jesus is everything to me. Second, it's all about family. And this year our sweet little family had our very first Colorado Christmas. It was glorious. All were healthy (unlike last year) and all were pleasant. The day was slow, memorable, savored and beautiful. The kids were cute (as always) and liked each other most of the day. Michael and I worked hard the day before so that on Christmas Day we could just sit and relax and be STILL.

The kids were up early, but apparently we taught them early on that rushing into the day isn't the thing to do. I ran downstairs at 8:00 to throw the previously made Monkey Bread in the oven to cook for breakfast, then proceeded immediately back upstairs for a 35 more minutes of shut eye.

After the timer indicating the bread was ready (the smell alone could have done that...YUM!) went off, Michael and I went downstairs and got the day going. While we finished up breakfast, I noticed that the last Christmas picture framed in my house was the first one we took with FOUR little ones... (it's a little dusty...I have FOUR little ones...)

Drew wanted his picture taken with Ruff-Anakin...

The living room on Christmas morning...so clean and pretty! It didn't last long...

Christmas breakfast...sausage balls, monkey bread, and a Jesus cake.

This is a new tradition. Michael and I really want our kids to know and understand and honor the meaning of Christmas. It's not about gifts and Santa and caroling...it's about our Savior, Jesus Christ. If it wasn't for His birth (and His death) then our lives our void, meaningless. So this year we baked a cake, decorated it nicely, and sang to our Savior. It was beautiful and sweet and a great way to start the day remembering the meaning of it all...

After our breakfast, we all sat down and read the story of His birth.
Drew read it in his Bible while waiting for us to get situated to read it together.

Sweet Isaac

Lindley noticed her kitchen and just loves it!!!

Here we go...trying to get a decent picture of all four.
I probably took twenty...these are our favorites. :)

Let the festivities begin!

After opening our presents, we had a lazy afternoon...the boys played with their new toys and the rest of us took a nice long nap. Then we had dinner...ribs (in the crock-pot), cheesy potatoes, and biscuits.

Once all of that was over, we were thoroughly exhausted, but still went to our good friends house for a night of movies (the kids) and games!

What a super great day celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Man's Best Friend

Well, we did it. We added a furry canine to our bunch. And he is fantastic. So good with the kids. So cute. So soft. So loyal. Welcome to our family, Ruff-Anakin Rex Fernihough. You are a blessing already...

Ruff is an 8 month old Goldendoodle. He is kind and gentle and very loyal...yet, still such a puppy. He likes to chew socks...and Legos...and get into the bathroom trash cans. He burps. Have you ever heard a dog burp?

We love him. He loves us.

He came to us super fluffy with really long hair...looking more like a Sheepdog than anything.

But now he looks like a classic Goldendoodle and is just striking! We get lots of compliments on him when we are out and about with him.

Ruff is so great with the kids...even a menacing two-year old Princess who thinks
she rules the roost!

Lindley likes to cuddle up and share her snack with Ruff. :)