Friday, December 23, 2011

Man's Best Friend

Well, we did it. We added a furry canine to our bunch. And he is fantastic. So good with the kids. So cute. So soft. So loyal. Welcome to our family, Ruff-Anakin Rex Fernihough. You are a blessing already...

Ruff is an 8 month old Goldendoodle. He is kind and gentle and very loyal...yet, still such a puppy. He likes to chew socks...and Legos...and get into the bathroom trash cans. He burps. Have you ever heard a dog burp?

We love him. He loves us.

He came to us super fluffy with really long hair...looking more like a Sheepdog than anything.

But now he looks like a classic Goldendoodle and is just striking! We get lots of compliments on him when we are out and about with him.

Ruff is so great with the kids...even a menacing two-year old Princess who thinks
she rules the roost!

Lindley likes to cuddle up and share her snack with Ruff. :)


Bri said...

Thanks, now I have something to stalk. And Isaac's face in the second picture is perfect.

Lauren said...

LOVE these pictures!