Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Miss Priss

This girl. My goodness is she her own person. This morning I told her it was time to get dressed. She grabbed my finger and dragged me upstairs to her room. She opened her drawer and pulled the outfit out below and made it clear this is what she wanted to wear today. She even went as far as putting the tights on herself. When she had both feet in one leg, I stepped in to help.

What have we gotten ourselves into!? She is fiercely independent and a wee bit strong willed. But she's two...should I expect anything different?! :)


Anonymous said...

She looks like she's posing to be on a calendar. (Hint, hint) Mom

lindley said...

Could one of these be in our future?? So glad you are back to posting!! PLEASE keep it up!!! And, looks like "Mom" wants a calendar of her cutie pies!! Hop to it! ;) My mom wanted one for Christmas too!

Lauren said...

LOL I so love her. So very much!

Her strong-willed nature is perfect...she will absolutely grow into it!