Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tooth Drama...

Well, today was my first full day wearing an occlusal splint in my mouth. I talk funny. I look funny. I feel funny. Not ha ha funny, just awkward funny. I had to teach today and I was not sure how that would go at all as I'm supposed to wear this thing 24/7 and I just got it yesterday.

At the end of the day, I decided to write this on my class blog, then sent out a follow up e-mail to my parents:

Oh parents! You have the most wonderful children ever. Let me tell you why...

For the past four months I have been dealing with major mouth pain. I've been to four dentist since mid-October:
  • A friend in MI for a consult back in October...she told me I clench my teeth and told me I should get a night guard from my dentist in CO.

  • One in CO...didn't have a dentist, read a sign on the street and went...he didn't know why I had the pain and gave me a root canal. Not fun, later found out it was not needed.

  • Went to a great endodontist who thought the root canal was done properly (but not needed) and suspected I had a bite problem...look back to the first dentist I went to...

  • Went to a GREAT dentist who could tell instantly that I am a severe clencher and have completely shot the nerves/muscles in my upper left jaw.

So now that you know my dental history, I'm on the road to recovery. But it won't be overnight. I have to wear an Occlusal Splint 24/7 until my bite is adjusted, then I will just have to wear it at night. I just got this lovely splint yesterday, so I'm still pretty self-conscious of how I look and how I talk. If I want to get better, I have to do what the dentist says, and he says I have to wear this thing 24/7, except to eat.Anyway, I started the day (Thursday) not wearing it because I am so self conscious. I did tell the kids that during the times I'm not talking and they are working or in specials they might see me wearing a weird thing in my mouth. I made the mistake of telling them I'm supposed to wear it all day but that I couldn't talk well with it yet. They ALL encouraged me to wear it and ALL were just so lovely and so kind toward me today. They have been very sensitive and have said many sweet words to me today. So I want you all to know that you have raised wonderful children with kind hearts and thoughtful words. Thank you for doing so!

I was just so overwhelmed with their love and respect for me today. They were encouraging in every sense and just showed me love in the best way their little 5th grade minds know how. I was blessed by 17 kids today and they just blew me away. Oh, and just to mention, only 6 of those students are girls!

For those of you who all of this is brand new news, I have been in major pain, over 10 on the scale of 1-10 for pain! Since October, I have been on Ibuprofen (800mg every 6 hours) around the clock. Finally got some Vicodin to help. The Vicodin didn't do much, so the Dr prescribed Valium. Not fun stuff. Then I was prescribed Hydrocodone. I'm so thankful that I have an amazing sister-in-law who helped me come up with a drug routine to ensure I would wake up each morning. :) I also began seeing a chiropractor friend who has been doing TMJ adjustments on me. That alone was helped tremendously! I have taken absolutely no pain medicines today...I'm already feeling that much better. My muscles still get sore after eating, so I did take one Valium tonight to help them relax.

Hopefully getting this under control will help me get other areas that I just haven't had the strength to mess with under control as well. Pray for me in this. It is so hard for me to admit weakness, and the last 4/5 months have been debilitating in so many ways for me.

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Lauren said...

I am SO thankful that you are feeling better (well, that you started to, and hopefully still are!)!!

My prayers shall stay with you and your teeth, my sweet friend.