Saturday, February 11, 2012

Who Needs Resolutions?

My last blog post was January 5th...five days into the new year. Hmmm. That's a problem. In it, I stated that I hadn't set any resolutions...thank goodness! But I did mention several areas that I always strive to improve myself in year after year. Well, here honest, gut-checking update.

I mentioned I would like to be more organized...

This is probably the one and only area that I am consistent. I have kept up with my "Home Organization Binder" and that has helped me tremendously. It has our budget, our monthly menu, our kids' schedules for school, basketball, and lunch menus. It is where I put important pieces of paper that aren't yet ready to be filed away, and where I store the few coupons I try to use. I have a whole section on cleaning...from daily cleaning to weekly cleaning to monthly cleaning. I have a sheet for each kid and their responsibilities. I have craft ideas I'd like to conquer. It's my go to place when I can't find something. It has proven to be very useful and is still a work in progress.

More consistent in God's word...

This is the area that I'm most disappointed in myself. I'm in two Bible studies right now and honestly have no desire to do either. I have the desire to soak up God's word and be reminded how much He loves me and desires for me to know Him more, but for the life of me, I can't seem to "make" the time to be with Him. I know He waits for that time with me everyday...and I know I flat out deny Him my heart when I disobey the call I hear so clearly to get out of bed and just go sit at His feet. Now that I've shared this with my blogging world, I would really like to challenge all of you who are believers to challenge me in this area. Lift me up as your sister in Christ and hold me accountable. I'm asking for it...begging for it. If you think of it, shoot me a text and just ask me how my time with my Savior was today...if I know that's coming, I won't want to disappoint, although most days I'm sure I will. Wow, is that throwing it out there or what?!

More intentional with my kids...

At times I'm great at this. I take the time to sit with them and read. Or let them help me cook. Or watch a movie with them...wait, that's not true...I can't mention the last time I actually watched a movie with them. It's a lovely thought, just not a realistic one for me. But what I really want is to be intentional with their precious hearts every single day. I want to teach them something new about Jesus and how much He loves them every single day. I want to get back to the days when it was important to me that they have scripture engraved in their little hearts. I want to play with them more. Read to them more. Do a puzzle with them more. Snuggle more. Share more. Talk more. I just want to be with them more.

"30 Day Shred"...

I quit Jillian's video on Day 8. I don't know why. I just got lazy. And I'd rather do yoga and go run on a treadmill. To be honest (seems to be the theme of this post), I haven't had a good workout in well over a week. And I hate that. I love the time I get at the gym. I love how it makes me feel. And look. So this week, I will hopefully get back in to working out regularly.

Plan on blogging more...

Hmmm. This is a start. And I have lots of ideas. :) As I always say, I'm going to try harder.

So, my dear friends, this is a portion of the status of my heart right now. It's in a funk, it has been for quite some time. I'm having major teeth issues and I really think that is affecting every area of my life...including all of the above. I *think* I'm about to be on the road to recover...starting Wednesday. But that whole saga is a post in its own. Maybe I'll get there...but I'd rather tell you about Isaac's birthday party, or my Granny's 90th surprise party, or the awesome things going on at Alethia, or a thorough update on my four sweet treasures, or about my obsession with rearranging furniture... We'll see what happens next!


Greg and Jen said...

I admire your vulnerability on this post! I'm not real good at that. :/ I'll be praying for you, as I too, will be trying to get into a regiment with exercise, being more faithful in my time with the Lord, and being more intentional with MY kid.

Looking forward to reading more on your life. Hope to connect with you guys in person and get to know you better. :)

~ Jen

Sara said...

Way to go putting your heart out there and being honest! Ic
can relate in so many ways and it is easier talking about the events going on in our life or our schedule rather than where our heart is. It was such a rich time for me at the conference. The speakers talked about being called to be holy, being called to be still, and being called to remember. The main thing I got from it all is that at the foundation of ALL we do really is our relationship with our Father! When I have sat with Him, without an agenda but just to be with Him, He then fills us up and sends us out to do His will. I get so stuck on "doing" what I think He wants me to do, or running ahead of Him. Anyway, I have been going through a similar list of trying to prioritize how I spend my time. I will pray for you and check in with you. Good accountability.
Please give yourself grace though too. You are dealing with a lot and this constant pain you have had definitely wears on you. I will continue to pray for that too!

Lauren said...

I love you. So much.

It is so beautiful to see you be so vulnerable with yourself, with us, with the Lord...I know that it isn't easy for you, but that is what makes it so heart-moving.

I know how amazing you are, and that you do amazing things every day, but your desire to do more of that inspires me, so I am thankful for your self-reflection.