Thursday, February 23, 2012

Will I Remember

As I was searching through literally thousands of pictures trying to locate the ones of Drew's birth and Noah's birth, I was flooded with memories. Memories of my oldest as a babe in my arms. Those days were hard…it's hard work getting used to being a mom and completely in charge of a little one. Then we added number 2 to the mix…and I was reminded of him and his spunky little self while looking through those pictures. So great…and most pictures brought me back to the exact time, exact place it was taken. What a precious trip down memory lane. I have pictures of the third and fourth easily accessible, so those weren't as surprising to me.
Boy, time really does fly.

Which got me thinking about this youngest little one that so often I find myself complaining about… Yes, she's two. Yes, she's fiercely independent. Yes, she has to wear a dress most days…and when you only have three, that makes for less laundry. Yes, she has three older brothers {who absolutely adore her} and feels the need to be defensive at all times. Yes, that need is viable, as the third brother loves to torment her. Yes, I do think at times she is strong willed…lots and lots of times. Yes, she fights going to bed. Yes, her naps drastically decreased in length as soon as she turned two. Yes, she is my first child to fling her little body on the floor in a massive fit…anywhere and every where. Yes, she will only wear dress shoes…even with jeans. Yes, she disobeys more than she obeys. Yes, she is TWO.

On the flip side… Yes, she is beautiful. Yes, she gives the best little kisses ever. Yes, she likes to cuddle up with her Dad when he is sitting on the couch. Yes, I often catch her holding one of her brothers' hands. Yes, she is tender and quiet at times. Yes, I could even call her sweet. Yes, she is adored by many. Yes, she still takes a lovely two hour nap everyday. Yes, she is 100% girl with her pretty dresses and fancy shoes. Yes, she loves to put barrettes in her hair. Yes, she is independent and will be alone. Yes, she loves to sing. Yes, she loves to dance.
Yes, she loves her tutus.

Yes, I love her and adore her and am so THANKFUL the Lord blessed me with a precious daughter. In the two years I've known her, she has taught me a ton about myself and
is shaping my heart in all situations.

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Lauren said...


I love this so much. I am so thankful that the Lord blessed you with a little girl (and I knew she would be a tough one, ha!), and that she (along with the boys) can be a reminder of God's grace on the tough days.

I miss you all, oh so much.