Monday, March 19, 2012

Arizona/Texas come to Colorado!

For the second year in a row, the Fernihoughs from Texas, Arizona, and Colorado got together for some good 'ole quality family time. Last year we spent the week in Arizona, click here for that experience, and this year, we spent the week in Colorado!

The week was spent laughing, eating, hiking, reading, drawing, making crafts, watching movies, "sneak attacks", celebrating a birthday, enjoying the amazing weather, and just loving that we were all together.

First hike of the week…a visit to the Hoodoos. So fun, and so close to home. It was a good "starter" hike to adjust to the weather and the thin air.
The views, as always, were absolutely breathtaking!

Cousins are special friends….ones that last a lifetime. We are so blessed that all of our kids are close in age and really enjoy playing together. I don't think there was a single tiff or fight the entire week.

I found these awesome "Dry Erase Crayons" at the store that I use to write things on the mirrors around the house. I let the kids go to town with them on our back slider door.

Our major hike was "Pulpit Rock." It is such a beautiful hike up to a huge rock formation! I was so proud of everyone for doing so great. The kids were awesome and I don't recall any complaining! Even Lindley did this hike!!

We also took time to explore The Garden of the Gods. Even after at least 15 visits over the past 18 months, I'm still in awe of God's creation when I am at this particular park. So amazing.

{If you notice more people in the pictures, you are seeing a childhood friend of Michael, Daniel, and Summer's from Texas. Mark and his sweet family joined us at The Garden of the Gods.

Our sweet friend was able to take us on a tour of Glen Eyrie before our visit to the The Garden of the Gods. So fun to see one of General Palmer's (founder of Colorado Springs) homes.

Drew's art teacher submitted one his pieces in the District Art Show. So we all went to see it and then had lunch at Crave Burger!

Sweet Abby reading to our Lindley. Carol's two granddaughters.

Movie Night!

I just love this picture!

Making our own pizzas! Yum!

Caleb turned 7 yesterday, but we celebrated him while he was here! Such a great kid!

Thank you, Carol, Summer, Daniel, Abby, and Caleb for coming to Colorado to spend the week with us! What treasured times and lasting memories! We love you guys so much!


Kimberlee Pollard said...

i love it when you blog.
i love all these pictures.
i love seeing your pretty face.
i love you all!

Greg and Jen said...

I am totally stealing your crayons on the window idea. :)

~ Jen